Champagne taste, box wine budget

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I do this several times a day

my cat actually makes a face when i do this 

but when i don’t pay attention to her she jumps on my face

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cute small chicks hanging out with gentle big faceless dudes with romantic undertones is a hell of an aesthetic

I appreciate this a great deal

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Some character sketches for a short comic idea. Practicing drawing with pencil again! and then playing with some new digital brushes. 

Much more relaxing than… starting the actual thing.

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I found this gorgeous animated short film, which was directed by Ishida YuYasushi.  The stylization and charm reminds me of Studio Ghibli films or anything made by Mamoru Hosoda, the director of Summer Wars and The Girl who Leapt Through Time.

See THIS is why animation is so amazing. They make you feel for a chair. A CHAIR, PEOPLE. Tears! I’m a weeny and I’m crying, so there.

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